SHIPPING INFORMATION: Please allow around 3-5 weeks for Custom and Pre-Ordered patch/sleeve apparel to be shipped out as each item is made to order!

Upload Instructions

  • To avoid blurs and distortions, it is best to make sure the image that you upload is high resolution, ideally 1000 x 1000 pixels minimum. Designs are NOT printed, they are intricately woven directly into the patch. Therefore, the image quality of the patch will be based on how many pixels your design has. 
  • Please Note-- The further or smaller an object is in the design you upload, the harder it will be to decipher what the object is due to the smaller pixel count. 
  • For designs with text--If a design has small text, then it may be unreadable. If the text is an important aspect of the design, then please ensure that the text in the design is of decent size to guarantee readability.
  • Images with gradients, hot, bright, or vivid colors will not match the image you provide.
  • Do not expect colors to match exactly like the image you provide.
  • Images that are too dark may not render well, make sure to use images where colors contrast light and dark.
  • Please look at the Before and After Photos as reference to how your design may turn out.
  • You may also look at the Archive as reference to what type of images come out best.
  • You may NOT use images with a transparent background (they must be square or rectangular images).
  • All artwork uploaded will be reviewed and your item may get cancelled if the artwork does not meet the minimum requirements.